Just a Local girl, living in a Global Wor-or-orld. . . .


Life is Beautiful

I am as happy as she.

And it really is. I’m here sitting in a cafe in Beverly Hills sipping on lemonade and eating a harvest salad. I just got back from a short and sweet video interview with LA Casting. It was so nice, as all my experiences with filming have been. The drive up there was excruciating (2 hours for 30 miles), but all is fine now. I have a lovely mother, my old bf/bestfriend still cares and has just sent me a lovely gift in the mail, my roommate is absolutely delightful and is supporting me for the summer until my loans get in. I’m in an acting class and I love living near the ocean. I’ve a gym membership (thank you again roomie) and someone to work out with. I’ve a good chance at local friends and everyone is just so nice to me. I even got a compliment today from a seemingly okay guy. My old old bf wants to go to Vegas for my birthday (even though I think he always wants me to share the cost), and even though things didn’t work out with me and the student (we’re sort of not talking right now), I had such a thrilling day-visit with him just like I had been dreaming of. I have good academic work to do, and I’m healthy and alive and I have blonde hair. I hope when I am an actress, no one wants to dye my hair. That would make me really sad. Especially since I know they would find that it won’t look good. Gee, I wish I would have got a bigger salad. But I guess it is fine.

Edit: I got a delicious chocolate chip MM cookie instead. lol.

Anyways, that is all.


Oh the ladies of the Daily Show

Lady Philosophers

One of the greatest contemporary philosophers, Marilynne Robinson was on the Daily Show on July 8th. She came to my undergrad a couple of years back. I’ve read her novel Housekeeping (1980) and a little of her book of essays The Death of Adam (1998). Maybe this summer I’ll get my new roomie to read that book with me. Her ideas are just incredible and almost accessible. 😉

And a few of weeks ago, it was Gloria Steinem. Thank you John Stewart: u r teh hottnezz.

Summertime is. . .

sand in your toes at the beach!

lots of free time to laugh and jump!

She's underwater, but she won't drown. Yesh?

no money

Because I can’t budget out my school loans that far. 😦 And something I need to really learn is: if you want something done right, I should do it myself.

Two lessons that I just can’t learn. Also, why do I end up hating almost every roommate that I have? I’m utterly doomed because I don’t like living by myself. I get bored and lonely. Well, hate is a horribly strong word. Frustration is more like it. I don’t even know if such frustration is properly due (I’m sure it rarely is), but if I could turn back time, I would say to her, “Hey, let me drive the hour to come pick up my very last paycheck that is coming to your house.”

Should I sell out to another reality show? But I promised myself I’d be a real actor now. . .

Visiting Home

Oh, it's not this drastic, but. . .

A week is just right. And it went just perfectly because we promised to bar two topics: religion and boyz. That’s right. Well, my mom liked the 21-year-old white Christian boy I was crushing on lately. I mean, we had so much fun on our date (?) and it seemed like he liked me, but I really didn’t hear from him for the rest of the trip despite my needy-girl text/phone call/FB messages/email. I’m not usually the girl to like a guy more than he likes her. It really sucks, especially when you try to get in touch, and you don’t know what is going on in his head. Luckily, I’ve seen the film version of He’s Just Not That Into You. My roomie and mom and little 16-year-old cousin all said, you know, he might be working or something came up. But I know. And it’s okay. It’s a little blessing in disguise because I need to be reminded what if feels like to want someone and not have feelings or communication attempts responded to. I mean, it could be that he’s about 8 years younger than I, and. . . that, well, I used to sort of, kind of, um. . . be his professor. (OMG, we’re all in our 20s; it’s totally okay). And that he’s never kissed a girl. OMG, I’m the creepie older seductress. But I’m hot. Oh, I hope we’ll still be friends. Well, after I punish him by not picking up at least three of his future phone calls/texts/FB messages/emails. His English major brother is my age. . . .

Now I’m going back to the golden coast as Katy Perry says to my healthy salads, Indian roomie, and sunshine beachy goodness.